Name of OrganizationMain Audit SiteCountry CodeAudit Completion Date (dd/mm/yyyy)Certification No.Validity (dd/mm/yyyy)
Fundación Nicaragüense para el Desarrollo Económico y Social (FUNIDES) NicaraguaNI 09/09/2018 178/NGO/21.09.2018 09/09/2021
Plan International, Inc. (Guatemala) GuatemalaGT 14/08/2018 176/NGO/15.08.2018 14/08/2021
The Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer [MAHAK] IranIR 08/08/2018 177/NGO/09.08.2018 08/08/2021
The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement [FAIHPP] ShamvaZW 06/06/2018 175/NGO/07.06.2018 06/06/2021
Plan International, Inc. QUITO/EcuadorEC 18/05/2018 174/NGO/19.05.2018 18/05/2021
ASOCIACIÓN GUATEMALTECA DE EXPORTADORES - AGEXPORT GuatemalaGT 07/03/2018 173/NGO/08.03.2018 07/03/2021
Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador QUITOEC 19/12/2017 172/NGO/20.12.2017 19/12/2020
ADream Foundation ShanghaiCN 01/11/2017 169/NGO/02.11.2017 01/11/2020
Fundación para el Ecodesarrollo y la Conservación Guatemala/GuatemalaGT 11/10/2017 171/NGO/11.11.2017 11/10/2020
Nikan Mammut Charity Foundation Tehran/IranIR 08/10/2017 168/NGO/09.10.2017(Latest)155/NGO/16.02.2016(First) 10/08/2020